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About us and what we do:

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I would like to give everyone a warm welcome to "Investing Wizards", this site is deticated to showing the average joe who knows nothing about investing to showing them the true meaning behind the true importance of investing and how truly powerful it can become once understood and conceptualized.

Learning investing starts with a handful of aspects that tie investing into one, the meaning of investing simply means to hold onto something until it gains in value, from a product, antiques, and many more examples, we like to focus on growing your capital and understanding the difference between Investing and Trading. True investing is done over the long term, not the short term like Trading, trading is typically made in short time frames from 15 minutes, a day or week, this could be performed in the Stock Market, Foreign Exchange market, the Cryptocurrency market or even Real Estate market. The true importance of investing is done in the long term and requires patience.

The best methodology to learn investing is to actually invest, there are many people out there who know about investing but don't quite understand why it could be so important so they don't bother to try because of the risks involved, many of them don't even bother to make an attempt to want to invest from this fear alone, but their are always 2 sides of the coin, with the right guidance this fear can be eliminated and once they know how to approach the markets in a way they are confident in what they do.

One of the best ways you can start is by getting your feet wet, meaning go start investing but with a beginner its not always easy to start investing because they might not understand what to do and where to go, here we will show you 3 different types of investing markets you can enter, The Stock market, the Foreign Exchange market and the Cryptocurrency market with a page deticated to getting started in these 3 different markets.