Collection of Investing Starter Guides

Investing Starters Guide

When you first get started investing it can be quite confusing at first with so many different places to invest these days it can be a daunting task, luckily we have beginners guides to help even a person who has never heard of the term investing before.

Investing is simply either buying something for a discounted price and selling it after some time when the price is higher to make a profit in simple terms, in more complex terms there's millions of different way to go about investing in different products but here we focus on 3 different markets, of investing from the Stock market, like the New York, London or Toronto stock exchanges to the Foreign Exchange market with investing in different countries currencies to the newly emerging Cryptocurrency market with digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum .

When it comes to picking what market you should enter first, either the stock market, foreign exchange market or cryptocurrency market is up to you, generally most people started trading stocks like myself and than was later introduced to the Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange markets, these days its not always like that with the gaining popularity of Cryptocurrency, regardless you can start where ever you find most interesting, if you're not familiar below we will go in more depth on these 3 different types of markets that all work together running in the background and play a crucial role in our daily lives that most are unfamiliar with or not aware of.

#1 - The Stock Market

#2 - The Foreign Exchange Market

#3 - The Crypto Currency Market